Could the Domestic Chicken be Epoch Defiining?

Future geologists may see the global poultry industry as having a far greater impact 
"and role in our earths history in the age of global climate change that few that few have ever imagined.


" ("CPCS™") represents a paradigm-shifting sea change of historic proportions in the development of sustainable, industrial-scale global agricultural and horticultural production.    

Over the course of a lifetime,"COOLPOULTRY Climate-Solutions™" was conceived, researched, and implemented by "Uber-Sustainability Ag-Techie™," David E. Size, and our "CPCS™ "esteemed team" of sustainable ag-tech specialists and innovators. CPCS™ is designed to meet the ever-increasing global demand for environmental-friendly, "never any antibiotics (NAA)," and affordable low cost, non-polluting animal protein of the highest quality. The fast-growing, 49-day to maturity(!) broiler (meat) chicken is the source of that high-quality protein.

However, the 49-day to maturity broiler chicken also generates huge volumes of broiler chicken manure that is composed of highly soluble and potentially polluting nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Nutrient-runoff and nutrient leaching of N and P into surface and ground water contaminate bodies of water with toxic-algae blooms that depletes oxygen killing all marine life like in the Chesapeake Bay and Lake Erie resulting from rain and snow precipitation. Our "CPCS™" proprietary hybrid biochar-compost technology converts soluble fertilizer run-off and leaching to plant available, nutrient-stable N-P-K, as field-applied fertilizer for row and field crop production as well as greenhouse and horticultural fertilization.

"CPCS™" was designed to seamlessly overlay mega-scaled CAFO (Confined Animal Feed Operations) for broiler (meat) chicken production to small-scale backyard chicken table egg production. "CPCS™" protocols for sustainably producing food, feed, and fiber production is a transformative, uber-paradigm changer. "CPCS™" global food, feed, and fiber production represents a significant scientific breakthrough of historic proportions to significantly increase global ag productivity while simultaneously substantially reducing environmental contaminants currently being discharged into air, land, and water, while also simultaneously monetizing plant and animal agricultural residues largely treated as "wastes."

We believe, in all humility before "ThE CreatoR™", "CPCS™" to be tantamount to a 21st-century reinvention of the dawn of agriculture in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley in ancient Mesopotamian and the Fertile Crescent, adaptable to current worldwide food, feed, fiber production practices on a global scale. "CPCS™" has demonstrated increased yields and productivity as well as improved food quality while substantially reducing environmental pollution from potent GHGs emissions, nutrient-runoff, and leachate pollution into sources of surface, ground and potable water from poultry production and field-applied poultry litter manure aka "compacted manure aka 'cake' or 'crust'."

"CPCS™" is a biological, systems-based, probiotic approach to global food, feed and fiber production that "seamlessly overlays existing global ag production systems™" while transitioning to "CPCS-Uber-Sustainability™".

"The Litter🐊Gate-R™" is the key mechanical system of "CPCS™" proprietary poultry litter (manure) management. "The Litter🐊Gate-R™," is a pulverizing, thermophilic flash-composting system that virtually eliminates all poultry and food-borne pathogens as confirmed by laboratory assay in poultry litter aka broiler manure. Pathogens eliminated include the severely consequential Low Pathological Avian Influenza (LPAI) that can mutate into High Pathological Avian Influenza (HPAI)!!!

"CPCS™" Poultry Litter Pathogen Killer Technology™" ameliorates the potential for mutation of LPAI into economically devastating, catastrophic mortalities that occur within 24 to 48 hours from H7N9 High Pathological Avian Influenza (HPAI).  In the past three years, H7N9 HPAI has been responsible for over 1200 deaths in China and this animal-to-human or zoonotic transmission is of grave concern to international public health authorities like the UNFAO (United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization) and World Animal Health Information System (OIE)

Furthermore, "CPCS™" is a closed-loop, systems-approach that simultaneously can readily improve both animal and human health and welfare. Productivity is increased by rapidly achieving "CPCS™ Pathogen-Killer-Diller™" proprietary "aerobic-rapid-poultry-manure-disinfection™" producing trillions of beneficial aerobic microorganisms that attack and outcompete anaerobic pathogenic and parasitic microorganisms. Reproductive metabolism by aerobic microbes generates temperatures that meet or exceed EPA regulation for PFRP (Process to further reduce pathogens) to eliminate all food-borne pathogens including e.coli and salmonella at 131 degrees F. within twelve hours or less for minimally three "turns" achievable within thirty-six hours.

In stark contrast, competing conventional PL windrowing equipment requires a minimum of 15-18 days "layout" to achieve an inferior pathogen-kill compared to our proprietary method for a seven-day layout and flock turn around. Thus productivity is increased by over 20%!

We potentially transition global food, feed, and fiber production from a net planetary carbon source of potent GHGs (greenhouse gasses) and waters contaminating nutrient-runoff and nutrient leachates to a net carbon sink of significantly reduced carbon emissions aka "carbon-negative." We achieve net carbon sink by capturing, sequestering and monetizing the polluting by-products and co-products of the estimated billions of tons of poultry litter manure. Poultry manures are increasingly produced globally from broiler chickens, layer chickens, turkeys and ducks et al. "CPCS™" significantly reducing volatilized atmospheric ammonia emissions, toxic to both broiler chickens and grow-out housing workers. 

However, the toxic emissions from poultry manure are particularly injurious to the respiratory systems and potentially lethal to newly place baby chicks days in the first 7-10 days of life in grow-out housing. Also, full maturity live broiler weights of 5.5 - 6.5 pounds at 49 days of growth that have been forced to breathe unhealthy levels of toxic volatilized ammonia emissions and injurious dried manure dust every moment of their often miserable lives. Other toxic and potent GHGs including NH3 (ammonia), N2O (nitrous oxide), CH4 (methane) as well as CO2 (carbon dioxide) are continuously emitted into the environment.

This approach is full well capable of significantly reducing all forms of environmental pollution from all forms of poultry production and field-applied (broadcast) poultry manure aka "poultry litter" or PL. During poultry production, chunks of "cake" or compacted PL result that emit ammonia gas to the atmosphere. We broadcast as field-applied fertilizer at levels that contaminate soil and water sources from agricultural nutrient runoff and leaching into surface, ground and large bodies of water like the Chesapeake Bay or Lake Erie that have experienced toxic algae blooms impacting ecosystems and public water supply for municipalities like the city of Toledo, Ohio. "CPCS™" significantly reduces runoff and leaching. 

We can potentially turn global industrial-scale food, feed, and fiber production into a significantly reduced carbon footprint – even a carbon-negative footprint - through a proprietary on-farm production of biomass biochar through fast pyrolysis or "making charcoal" from typical on-farm biomass residues. These under-monetized, on-farm residues include corncobs and corn stover, which have application as BioChar in litter/manure management to significantly reduce ammonia. 

"CPCS™" proprietary compost-as-ammonia-free-pathogen-free and pathogen-suppressing "CPCS™" high-quality poultry-bedding to attain proven improved production parameters. On-farm BioChar production can also generate charcoal-like filtration media demonstrated to be comparable to activated charcoal filtration media, which is shown itself to capture and sequester volatilized atmospheric ammonia emissions, as well as all other toxic GHGs, emitted from poultry production housing. Our proprietary heat exchange-air filtration design converts toxic emissions into non-toxic, plant available nutrient stable forms of N-P-K with trace elements derived from the nutrient-rich broiler diet into “activated BioChar-compost.”

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