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Dave Size aka "That ChicenSchitt Dave Size™"

Founder, dba CoolPoultry.com, Poultry Litter Solutions, LLC, CEO, Chief Creative Officer.  Organic farmer and CMC (Controlled Microbial Compost) aka Sigfried Luebke Humus Composting Technology, USDA NOP (National Organic Program) Certified Organic Program, owner  Heirloom Harvest Farm, Blairstown, NJ 07825,1994-2002 and Certified Naturally Grown, Blueberry Lane Berry Farm and Orchard, LLC, 2002-2015, co-founder of Poultry Litter Solutions, LLC (Delaware) in 2008; developer of proprietary "Biological Litter Management (BLM)™" for broiler (meat) chicken; founder dba CoolPoultry.com 2012; developer of “The Litter🐊Gate-R v.1.0™”, co-developer of “The Litter🐊Gate-R v.2.0™”and  “The AIO👾MonsterPRO! v.3.0™”

Keith Walker

COO and Chief Engineer / Designer-Builder

​Keith is in charge of all production as well as design modifications.  If it's mechanical Keith can build it.

40+ years experience with industrial equipment of all kinds.

Ben Hall CIO

Certified AutoCad Expert,  MCSE.   Trade certifications from Xerox, H.P., Microsoft, Vidar and is a document management specialist to name a few.  Coolpoultry will soon be completely paperless further reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Esteemed Team

of Sustainable Ag Experts